Sunday, November 27, 2011


My latest novel, BEAUTY AND THE BRUTE, set in my post-apocalyptic world on Earth with Shifters & Normals just released...

Post-apocalyptic Earth, after alien invasion, AEI, 2065 A.D., The Conquered

Fight or die is the way of the world AEI.
Shoot first and ask questions later becomes Lady Lorelei’s reality when overhearing her adopted warlord father’s plan of placating the aliens in saving his little slice of The Conquered. A plan where she is given to the aliens. Betrayed by the unthinkable sentence, she bolts for her life. Without any weapons, food, or survival skills suited for life outside the warlord’s mansion, her journey only proves post-apocalyptic Earth desperately needs one thing—women. Breeders. Whores. The hottest commodity on the planet.
Wandering Shifter Brutus, a powerful loner renowned for his hatred of Normals, is the only thing capable of securing her idea of freedom. But he has no patience for females and their wiles. Only a handful of Shifter females are known to exist. The rest are Gods-be-damned Normals—a pack of animals that would feed upon their young to profit. But when Lorelei achieves the impossible and escapes the warlord’s city, Brutus can’t refuse the one thing forcing him to pull her up behind him on the saddle and head deep into The Wild. His inner Wolf intends to mate her. Mating a Normal isn’t one of his priorities.
More than Brutus’ Wolf is chasing Beauty’s tail. Neither expects the dark cloud lurking on the horizon. In a world where ride or die becomes your only hope for a future, sometimes you find you never really lived until you’re running for your life. Life changes in a heartbeat AEI because nature has a funny way of righting her status quo. Even if that feat requires digging into the chasm to the animal buried inside Lorelei and Brutus, to trigger the Mating Fever between BEAUTY AND THE BRUTE.

Read Chapter 1 and hot excerpt at buy link.

Book 1: COUGAR is nominated for Best Erotic Paranormal Romance--Shifter at The Romance Reviews. It's also a Top Pick at NOR as well as highly-recommended by various reviewers. Read more at my website.


  1. Congrat's on your release, Skhye! Wishing you many, many sales! :-)

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