Rynne Raines

Rynne Raines was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. In 2005, Rynne relocated an hour away from Alberta’s capital city to the smaller town of Wetaskiwin. The rural community is flanked by farms and boasts a whopping eleven thousand people or so. Big change from the million population she was surrounded with growing up. To this day she is still a city girl to the bone. At times, the slower pace of what she calls “country life” is welcomed but not always. So, why did Rynne relocate? For love of course.

As for writing, she started at a very young age after her parents divorced and she slowly slipped out of "fitting in" at school. Realizing she needed some control in her life, Rynne chose writing as a creative outlet.

Now, as an adult, Rynne Raines writes both both Paranormal and Erotic romance. Her main focus at the moment is alpha males who like to seduce and dominate. If you enjoy a little kink with your coffee, you will enjoy the offerings from this author.

"I write because I'm addicted to the high that comes with completing a story I feel is good."