Friday, November 4, 2011

Intro'ing the Crew

Hey lads and lassies, Leathan here. Though I know I’m real, apparently I’m a character from one of Sky’s stories. Or maybe a few. Calum’s Curse Trilogy. Why I have to lead out I dinnae ken. Anyways, me and my cousins Seth and Devin are new on the blogging scene but I ken if we can handle ten years plus experience ghost hunting and turning warlock, we can handle anything.

The point of this blog, main reason me and my cousins wanted to host it, is to flush out those like us. Supernatural characters gang-heisted by their writers. How we found love through it all. Word'll get out soon. This is the place to be. Seth, Devin and and I are looking for more like us. Those of you caught in the paranormal/sci-fi story.

Leave a comment telling us who you are and who wrote your story. Good to connect with everyone in the paranormal field… aliens work too. I know this blog’s just launching so keep an eye out. Bound to have a lot of you over to talk about your stories in the near future. Interested in an interview? Choose either Devin, Seth or myself as your host and email Sky at Skypurington@live to get started.

Prefer an interview with a blog contributor? Email Sky at the above address with who you would like to launch your 'Deep, Dark & Delicous' intro. Andrea, Skhye, Rynne, Alisha or Sky. All are always willing to 'step up.' Andrea and Sky are likely to be sweet. Give you a good wholesome interview, make sure the reader has all their facts. My kind of lassies. Skhye and Rynne... well, proceed with caution. They're likely to give you an interview you won't soon forget. Refer to Seth's personality in their case. Alisha? Well, she's one of a kind. Bound to mix sweet with direct. No bars held. So you choose.

Aye, guess I should give you a brief run down of 'we lads at this blog.' I'm logical minded. Always up for a good mind-bender and love history. Devin's the soft spot. He might hunt the dead for a living but he's a humanitarian. Supports and raises money for the deaf in Ireland. Really good guy. Seth is... Seth. Dare-devil to the bone. Doesn't ken the meaning of 'play it safe.' Always living on the edge. Extreme sports, etc. Och, tends to speak before thinking.

Well, it's been a long night. I'm off. Nice to meet everyone. Dakota’s waiting. Tell you about her later.



  1. Hi! Well, My name is Carleigh Battles and I am of Irish descent! My creator, Cathy McElhaney, is not quite finished with my story. I was captured by the aliens who invaded our land. After escaping captivity, I found myself in the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky where I met some survivors. The first 2 were actors, Max Rivers and Ray Carmichael. We then met up with a whole bunch more people in another area of the caves and we are currently setting a plan in motion to take our country back! Max is a bit distracting...he is really good looking and actually has a great personality if you over look his need to protect me. Seriously, I am the one who taught him to shoot a bow and I survived quite nicely for several months before he entered my life! My heart still aches for my husband and 2 boys the aliens killed. Max seems to be helping ease my pain, but not my need to avenge their deaths. I am confident our plan will work and we will send these monsters straight to hell where they belong!
    Now I just need Cathy to finish Anna and Josh's tale and get back to mine!

  2. Wow, Carleigh! You've been through alot, haven't you? But it sounds like you're a survivor. I can't wait to read the rest of your story. I'll help you bug, Cathy.

    Sky looks around. Quiet right now. The boys are on a hunt. I expect you'll see them later in the night. Will go give em' a 'nudge' ;-)