Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do you Believe in Big Foot? Nessie? Chupacabra? Yeti?

Since I was a kid, I've been fascinated by cryptozoology. I think I've seen every documentary there is on Big Foot and have studied the famous video of the Sasquatch walking. Do I believe in Big Foot? I do! And yeah, I've heard all the debate against the existence of the hairy creatures. We'd have found a dead one by now, or bones or we'd have captured more on video or in the wild. Or we'd have found their poop. Heard it all. I don't care. I still believe in them. I think they are a highly evolved ape and that's it. An elusive, private creature. Just an undiscovered ape that doesn't drag his knuckles.

I also believe in the Loch Ness Monster.

And the Chupacabra.

Seriously! I think the Loch Ness Monster is a prehistoric water dinosaur. Heck, the alligator is pretty dang prehistoric!

And the Chupacabra? I think it's some kind of hairless wolf.

So, do you believe in any of these creatures? Have you seen any of them? I'd love to hear!

I'm so in love with the Bigfoot Legend that I included it in my latest release, Canyon Wolf Bride. Find out how cryptozoologists discover a species of wolves thought to be extinct at the bottom of The Grand Canyon.

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And the Yeti, Big Foot's Snowy cousin have a very important role in the ending to Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen!
Check out this cool article on the Yeti HERE!

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Let me know if anyone runs into one of these mysterious guys!

~Happy Reading,

(Photos courtesy of Photobucket.com and Mysticinvestigations.com and Inquisir.com)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Shapeshifters in the News!

COMING MARCH 2012 for your Kindle and your Nook!

King’s Cross Station, London, England, 2006
-“He’s killed again, Vex.” Vex stared at the grainy black and
white photos, taken one hundred and eighteen years earlier, comparing them to
the full color photos taken overnight. Detective Red O’Malley had no choice but
to ask for his help. Vex was their last resort. He was used to dealing with the
undead, whether it be of the blood sucker variety or the elusive shifter-rapt,
after all, he was a combination of the two.

Vex Savaker works as special detective for the Metropolitan Police and has been called to work on the recent Whitechapel killings. The murders resemble the autumn killings of 1888 when Jack the Ripper terrorized London. Chastity “Chass” Bartholomew is a seasoned investigative reporter working for London’s newspaper, The Daily Mirror. Chass’s virgin status is far too dangerous with a modern day Jack the Ripper on a virgin killing spree. Nunhead Cemetery is a hotbed of paranormal activity and unexplained phemomena but Chass is just too good of a reporter to stay away. Can Vex protect her from the night creatures of London and steer the killer away? Can he protect her from his own dark side, from the beasts within?


The long awaited re-release of Alisha Paige's debut novel is finally here! Canyon Wolf Bride was awarded Recommended Read at My Book Cravings, Top Pick at Night Owl Romance and nominated for the Best Paranormal Romance of 2007 by Long and Short Reviews.

When Olympic ski champion, Sean Wilson, takes his best friend’s widow, museum curator, Paige Wellington, on a vacation to The Grand Canyon, he’s attracted to more than the beauty of his companion and the magnificent scenery. Sean discovers an entire pack of werewolves thriving in a canyon paradise. The Havasupai, known as the people of the blue-green waters, share his genetic defect, the werewolf gene. Paige learns the secret of the wolf tribe and struggles with her decision to end their relationship, unable to imagine herself married to a half-man, half-wolf creature. Sean wars against the beast within. Even as the werewolf, he is an intelligent and keen animal, never losing touch with the man lurking beneath the fur and never losing sight of the woman he loves. Will the wolf gene keep them together or tear them apart?




Thursday, March 1, 2012

Character Blowout! Debra A. Soles, TALKERS

I’m thrilled to welcome over Paranormal/Syfy Romance’s first official guest, author Deborah A. Soles. Part one and two is a character interview hosted by me (Sky Purington). Part three is an author interview hosted by Skhye Moncrief.
So grab your drink of choice, sit back and enjoy. You’re going to LOVE this!
A bit about the book TALKERS
When the safety of Ritter’s band is compromised by stalkers his uncle recommends Shayle to protect the band and catch the stalkers. Though famous, talented, gorgeous young men, they have a secret from their past that makes them who they are and fuels a nasty stalker problem. When Ritter decides Shayle is the love of his life, how will she ever resist him.
PART 1: Time to interview the heroine, Shayle Forester!
SKY:  Tell us a little bit about you.
SHAYLE:  Since I was old enough to walk, I’ve been in constant residence in my father’s hanger bay. There hasn’t been a ship that has come in for service that I hadn’t touched or fiddled with in more years than I care to remember. Now in my early thirties there isn’t a fighter plane or cargo ship I can’t take apart and put back together even better than it was before.
Along the way I’ve lost most of my femininity, replacing it with threadbare automotive jumpsuits and lean muscles from hoisting motors and transmissions. There were even a few time I’ve been forced to use those muscles to defend myself and my father’s business from drunkards and even loan sharks trying to reposes a client’s plane. It’s given me a well known reputation for being not only a top notch mechanic and pilot, but also a woman who could easily take care of myself.
As soon as my years learning at the Academy were over, I came back home. I married a comrade from school and had the biggest joy of my life, my son George. Unfortunately, my husband was a womanizing cheat and our marriage didn’t last very long.
After my divorce, I stayed on to work at my father’s mechanic shop, Bishop’s Aviation. Living in my childhood home with my father and son, I was happy with my routine and more than happy to avoid another messy relationship. That was until he walked in and changed everything.