Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Super-Sexy Side of Paranormal

Seth’s story, The Tudor Revival (Calum’s Curse: Ultima Bellum) is available now! For those of you unfamiliar, this book is the third in the trilogy. I thought I’d share a blurb and excerpt today.
Oh, I almost forgot. To celebrate the completion of this trilogy I decided to make The MacLomain Series FREE this weekend at Amazon!!! Click HERE to find The King’s Druidess-Prelude, Fate’s Monolith (Book I), Destiny’s Denial (Book II) and Sylvan Mist (Book III). Books are free Saturday and Sunday, July 7th and 8th.
Alright, it's time to share more about Seth’s tale…
Is it true love... or is this dark need part of the Tudor's Revival?

A man stuck between worlds.

Ghost hunter and dare-devil, Seth, is flung into the afterlife. His one draw to reality? Alana. He died. She lived. But he can't let go. There is something more than friendship between them and he won't say goodbye.

A woman drawn to the past.

The last thing Alana expects to encounter when she inherits her grandmom's Tudor Revival is the spirit of her deceased best friend and crush, Seth. But everything is not what it appears to be. He is determined to live again. When his investigative team, The Worldwide Paranormal Society shows up at her door, Alana soon learns that she's in for a wild ride.

Calum's curse visits one more house. Things get hotter and more paranormal than ever before. Love, as always, struggles to overcome the odds. Time is limited though and the creature set to destroy Seth and
Alana is the most cunning of all.

Will Alana and Seth face humankind's worst fear and survive? Find out in The Tudor Revival.

Well, if she thought they were back to normal, fine. He swam over, stood and braced his hands on either side of her shoulders. Very slowly, her eyes opened. Oh yeah, his Alana was back full throttle. She didn’t look shocked nor did she bat a lash.
“You’re standing a little too close.”
He leaned his face closer. “So?”
“Friends,” she said carefully.
But he didn’t miss the catch in her voice. Or the way the gold of her iris’s flared to life. “Right.”
Slowly, inch by inch, he let his eyes wander down her body and licked his lips.
“Stop,” she whispered.
His eyes shot to hers. “Stop what?”
“You know what.”
“Did you hate what we did on the rock face yesterday?”
“You know I didn’t. But we talked about this. It’s just not a good idea for us to be more than friends.”
Seth ran the back of one of his fingers down her arm. “I wouldn’t mind being both.”
“Never works out well,” she said softly.
He enjoyed the way her chest heaved as he continued the lazy stroll with his finger. “Maybe not with other men.”
Despite the freezing water his cock was working with him. It wasn’t his style to sit back and not take what he wanted but for some reason, he needed her to come to him this time. He wanted her to want it as much as he did. Though only a foot or so remained between them, she did nothing to close the distance. He’d almost bet she would back up if she could.
“And don’t forget,” she reminded. “You don’t have a miraculous condom on you this time.”
He shrugged and leaned in a little bit closer, eyes on her lips. “I don’t need a condom to kiss you.”
Alana’s eyes widened then flickered to his lips. “With you it doesn’t stop at a kiss.” She shook her head. “Besides, it’s not a good idea for friends to kiss. Sort of defeats the whole purpose.”
Sky here. Hope you enjoyed! Pick up your Amazon copy of The Tudor Revival HERE. This title will be available at Barnes & Noble and Smashwords within a week. Interested in picking up a copy of Leathan's story, The Victorian Lure (Calum's Curse: Ardetha Vampyre) and Devin's story, The Georgian Embrace (Calum's Curse: Acerbus Lycan)? Head over to my Website and click on Calum's Curse Trilogy.
Enjoy your weekend!