Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sex with a Ghost? The Georgian Embrace.

It's been a bit since I posted here but HAD to share the cover for Devin's story, The Georgian Embrace (Calum's Curse: Acerbus Lycan). My cover artist, Tamra Westberry did a fabulous job. Love it!

As all are probably figuring out, this blog can run somewhat x-rated. Hope you don't mind. But seriously, we do Paranormal and Syfy here. It's edgy, naughty and should always make your eyes go round. SO, I decided to share an unedited excerpt from The Georgian Embrace. This particular scene focuses on the supernatural intimacy between Devin and Isabel. I know Devin wouldn't appreciate it but I adore the strawberry-dried-in-his-hand moment. Boy needs to stop taking fruit to bed!

(Please NOTE: If you have an aversion to sex scenes, stop reading here. *grins*)

Lightning flashed. A rumble of thunder bubbled overhead. Heavy raindrops hit the window. The curtains blew in on a warm gust of wind and swept across Devin’s shoulder.

Cracking open an eye, he realized he’d fallen asleep with the near empty bowl of fruit on his stomach and a half eaten strawberry in his hand. Another flash of lightning revealed that he’d stripped down to nothing. Unreal. What sorta guy ate a bowl of fruit alone minus clothes?

After he peeled the half dried, sticky strawberry from his hand he put it in the bowl and placed it on the table next to him. About to sit up, Devin froze when something brushed over his palm. Another gust of wind blew through the open window and the sheer curtains floated in. With a heavy blink, he stared closer. Was that Isabel standing beside them?

When he blinked again, she was gone. Had she even been there? Lord knows, he wanted her to appear.

“Isabel,” he whispered. “Are you here?”

Something brushed over his palm again. This time it felt warm…almost like a tongue. Suddenly, he got the impression she was there, licking the juice. Though he stared at his palm, there was nothing there. His cock didn’t believe him and began to stir to life.

Taking a deep breath, Devin repeated, “Isabel, are you here?”

Thunder clapped again overhead but he swore he heard her whisper, “yes.”

Devin’s mouth fell open when he felt a hand graze the side of his face, neck, then collarbone. The air chilled. His skin heated. Hands placed by his side, he didn’t move a muscle. He’d heard of ethereal sex but…seriously? Could it really exist? The thought of Isabel’s ghost taking advantage of him just about made him release then and there.

Lips. Warm. Trailing across his chest. Devin closed his eyes. Holy shit! He was beyond ready. But for what exactly? Sex with residual energy? He almost laughed but didn’t when a tongue flicked his nipple. He arched. Hell that felt good. Open your eyes. See if she’s there. But he didn’t want to. Why risk her vanishing? The tongue swirled away from his nipple, down the center of his mid-drift. It didn’t matter if his eyes were open−they were rolling back in his head.

“Aye,” he whispered. “Yes.”

Soft hands on his hips. Thighs. Climbing. Tongue going lower. “Yes!”

Then nothing. Devin opened his eyes slowly. “Isabel?”

Another flash of lightning. Another clap of thunder. Rain poured harder. Where had she gone? Was she trying to manifest energy to do this to him? He knew damned well an electrical storm could aide in manifestations. But how could he help? He had a good idea how... 

The Georgian Embrace. COMING SOON!

The Victorian Lure (Leathan's Story) Available now at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Fictionwise and most online bookstores.

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