Thursday, December 29, 2011

Feral Book 5 RELEASED! Cyborgs, anyone?

Marshal and Earth biologist Cassie Krol is about to be unwillingly augmented when ordered to use her newfound psychic Handler power over elementals to cleanse a cyborg planet of a genetic anomaly instigated by bio-engineering centuries ago. The price in using her psychic gift? Her vision. Armed with the Marshal’s warnings about the cyborgs’s alluring pheromones and facing unwanted blindness, she ventures into a realm where she must look beyond prejudice and self-preservation to return a cyborg culture to its original viability, ending the Mate Quests that terrorize the universe. She boards the cyborg’s womb of a space station awaiting its Goddess—the most sacred legendary female whose arrival is believed to preclude their Sacred Seed going home. And learns she is the Goddess. So much for her code of ethics.

Twelve-hundred year old !Dako cyborg geneticist Vult lived every day since The Changing Times with his reproductive system deactivated, thanks to the nanites he created and altered for the survival of his species. With no choice but to save his remaining warriors from a vile genetic twist of fate causing the loss of their females, he exists the honorable scientist, anticipating Destiny’s liberation of his tormented brethren. Then the beautiful Goddess arrives. Bombarded by raging hormones, he faces what all cyborgs will soon experience, torturous carnal all-consuming ensoulment, a wickedly unruly hint of what’s yet to come for each  !Dako. His body must meld with a soul. But neither is ready for their all-consuming FERAL FORETASTE.

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